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The flourishing of the information technology redefined the definition of “Cloud”, which is more often associated with computing, online storage, and platform. “iCloud”, more specifically, was developed by Apple Inc. that provides series of online services for information sharing and backup.

“iiCloud” table top series tends to bring back the appreciation of the beautiful forms in the nature that has always been our inspiration and source of lives. It is an ongoing collection of tableware in the form of clouds.


“iiCloud Bowl” plays with the psychological aspect where the plain and unglazed cookie jar breaks up into a bowl and a plate with sunny sky inside. Blue sky symbolizes the positive attitude in solving everyday difficulties in our lives. Quoting my colleague Loreta Haaker’s words, “think sunny”, which everyone has a sunny sky in their heart. Opening the “iiCloud” cookie jar with a surprise and an optimistic attitude is the message conveyed here.


“iiCloud Plate” is inspired by the traditional Japanese lunch box where small compartments are divided for assorted food. Japanese chefs meticulously arrange the food into the compartment to make the food into an art piece where the audience can consume the food in a pleasant and critical way. Adapting the shape of a cloud, “iiCloud Plate” is divided into 4 parts for different portions of food.


Sushi with soy sauce, ginger, and wasabi?

Nachos with cheese, salsa, and guacamole?

Chicken nuggets with plum sauce, barbeque sauce, and honey mustard?

This list can go on and on for your favorite food to be accompanied with the “iiCloud Plate”.